SPIN4EIC is an innovative and unique initiative from the European Innovation Council (EIC) dedicated to delivering unmatched support services to EIC innovators.

Its primary objective revolves around empowering these innovators to access procurement markets on both European and global scales effectively. By facilitating their entry into procurement markets, the program not only broadens the horizons for innovative SMEs and startups but also streamlines their growth within the market landscape.

Corvers plays a key role in the success of SPIN4EIC by assisting public buyers through Work Package 1 (WP1). Additionally, Corvers is responsible for toolkit preparation and organizing academies within the scope of Work Packages 2 and 3 (WP2&3), contributing to the program’s mission to support EIC innovators in navigating procurement processes and expanding their market presence.

For more information about SPIN4EIC and its initiatives, please visit the website: https://eic.eismea.eu/community/eic-bas-offer/eic-procurement-programme/a-spin4eic-strategic-innovation-procurement-programme


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