Governmental bodies

We act as advisors and external experts for policy makers (on both national and European level), give advice and guidance to contracting authorities and conduct research in the field of public procurement (specifically in relation to innovation and sustainability). Expertise areas include large ICT infrastructure, construction, public utilities (e.g. water) and R&D projects.

In the last years, we have increasingly been involved in supporting governmental institutions and contracting authorities to embed policy aspects, such as innovation, Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) participation and sustainability, in their procurement strategies. Social sustainability is another focus areas that Corvers has specialized on. We are broadening our expertise upon the legal rationale and the effectiveness of using the procurement instrument as a way to achieve policy goals.

OUR SERVICES – to governmental bodies

Our business concept is to provide clients with the knowledge and expertise required at all stages of the legal process chain (from research to consultancy). To this end, Corvers provides academic research, policy advice, legal advice and support during the preparatory phase, the procurement procedure and the contractual phase. These activities are supported by in-house development of electronic knowledge instruments and tools, legal analytic databases and legal process management tools.

Assisting clients in:

defining policy strategies, (innovation & strategic) procurement strategies, contracting & monitoring strategies

defining data, open source & IPR strategies

understanding and implementing legal requirements methodologies

implementing and conducting (pre-)procurement procedures, contracts and monitoring mechanisms (such as tender boards)

conducting legal research from an European and national perspective

drafting conflict management & prevention policies and codes of conduct

providing legal business & management information arising from our legal analytic database

Advising clients on:

specific legal matters related to public procurement and public private partnerships

obtaining EU funding for innovative projects pertaining to regional development and (pre-commercial) procurement

joint and collaborative procurement schemes

Lectures, trainings and webinars on:

innovation and strategic procurement

public private partnerships

best value procurement

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