Bridging court rulings, regulations & policies to strategic & innovation procurement practice

The impact of European court rulings on national levels is increasing. Parallel to this, European policies, regulations and directives are continuously in development and cover a wide area of horizontal and vertical topics. In this context, contracting authorities and entities across Europe find it more difficult than ever to keep track and have a good understanding of the implementation of their own strategic & innovation procurement practice and the connected implications.

Based upon our experience in the Eafip-initiative and hand on lessons learnt from the implementation of European and national procurement procedures, we offer you an unique, easy and accessible way to keep up to date with relevant developments, upcoming new policies and regulations as well as experiences from case law and practical implications.

Procurement@Library™ consists of the following elements:

  • Practicals – including lessons learned from EU procurement case law in short practical documents.
  • Webinars – free participation to quarterly Procurement@Library™ webinars.
  • News & publications on policies and upcoming regulations, directives, decisions, communications and any other relevant at European level.

Benefits of Procurement@Library™

Be part of the European forerunner community on Strategic & Innovation Procurement:

  • learn from the leading experts on strategic & innovation procurement.
  • Understand the most recent state-of-play developments on strategic & innovation procurement and the practical implications thereof.
  • Exchange information and best practices with similar public authorities from different Member States.
  • Stay up to date with all European Court case law on procurement, including its relevance with PCP & PPI.

Save time, stay up to date and professionalize:

  • Short, clear, practical and easy to read documents.
  • Guidance that is applicable directly to your daily strategic & innovation procurement practice.
  • Structurally and easily increase your knowledge on strategic & innovation procurement.


Public procurement can be quite complex. Not infrequently it leads to problems or even court cases. Within Procurement@Library we examine the published European Court rulings on public procurement to analyse what went wrong and what can be learned from it.
A team of experts turns all these lessons learned into short, easy to read and clear learning documents (Practicals). These contain not only the lessons learned of the case law, but also give guidance and insights into the practical implications for your purchasing and tendering practice in order to be able to prevent similar problems and court cases.

The Practicals are made available to all Procurement@Library community members through email.


Within Procurement@Library, you will be able to participate into a series of webinars each year (minimum 4). Subjects will address relevant developments regarding European strategic & innovation procurement. For instance, using the strategic & innovation procurement instrument to steer climate change adaptation and/or to create European autonomy and resilience. Indicatively, the webinars may cover the following topics:

  • Insights into developments regarding ICT-issues like data sharing, cybersecurity and AI.
  • Policies affecting the involvement of SMEs in public procurement including the role of venture capital in supporting innovation.
  • The role of not-for-profit firms in the procurement of innovation, the innovation policy context and how this affects the capacities of firms to engage with public procurement of innovation, and.
  • Valuation methodologies for public procurement.

Based upon the feedback from the community members, one webinar will relate to a specific topic of interest chosen by the members, e.g. Russian sanctions or health crisis.
All webinars will be recorded, so Procurement@Library members can have access to them anytime.


All relevant information and updates on European level (e.g. proposals for new directives and regulations) will be shared periodically to members by email.


Procurement@Library™ is a service developed and provided by Corvers Procurement Services BV. CORVERS is a leading legal and economic consultancy firm specialized in European public procurement law, innovation and contracting. We act as an advisor and external expert for governmental bodies. We are contractor for the European Assistance for Innovation Procurement (EAFIP)-initiative (an initiative of the European Commission-DG Connect) since 2015 and partner within several large European projects related to strategic and innovation procurement. Due to our role in all this, CORVERS not only has direct access to the various European knowledge sources, but has also early insights into various developments that have an impact to the procurement practice. Through Procurement@Library™ we aim to translate this knowledge, our experience and insights into practical guidance for our customers to benefit from and to support Europe’s strategy to be one of the leading regions on strategic & innovation procurement.

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