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Vtrek helps

Procurers design business cases to use as a decision-making tool, identifying which scenarios have the highest value.

A sound business case is a necessity in making purchasing or investment decisions using public funds. The potential to amplify the impact of public expenditures is highest at the beginning of the process – even before the public procurement takes place. In planning public procurements, creating a business case brings all expected costs, benefits, and risks associated with potential purchasing options to the forefront. 

Vtrek supports

Procurers in deciding which purchasing strategy can best fit their needs, and guidance on how to best execute it.

Public agencies considering Pre-commercial Procurement (PCP) to purchase R&D services toward a working solution face many unknowns. These range from technological state-of-the-art and degrees of technological readiness, to the state of the market regarding production volumes, pricing trends, and even openness to change. In the Public Procurement of Innovative solutions (PPI), procurers need to understand what solutions already exist in the market, and how these can be best adapted to meet their needs. 

Vtrek provides

Expert assistance in identifying information requirements, connecting with information sources, and incorporating this information into public procurements. 

Sourcing information from the market is an important part of this business case development. Up to one-third of firms at the country level receive public contracts; this percentage is much higher for certain sectors such as aerospace, defence, healthcare, and education, where research and development is critical to advancing knowledge frontiers. Creating the right conditions for competition through a well-informed tender call can attract the right solutions at the right price – increasing the competitiveness of winning firms and strengthening a country’s technological advantage.

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